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User's guide
Mail Commander 9.0
Virtual secretary of the e-mail world - puts your e-mail and mailing list management chores on auto-pilot
Mail Commander is a super-fast e-mail program that does it all - from the everyday sending and receiving of e-mails to managing mailing lists and customer requests.
Special features offered by Mail Commander
Fast and lean program - let's you process vast amounts of correspondence.
User-friendly interface with extensive message selection capabilities - delete, copy, or transfer messages by simply dragging the mouse over them.
Delete messages on the server before they are downloaded to your local computer (a big time saver).
Download only e-mail headers (Subject and From fields, etc) - plus options to re-download or delete selected messages from the server.
Set-up multiple address books (as many as you want) with lots of additional fields.
Easily import and export address books to/from MS Excel, DBf database, and text delimited (comma or tab separated) files.
SMTP authentification - check that recipients' e-mail addresses exist before sending out messages.
Check several or all POP3 e-mail accounts at once.
Send multi-part HTML messages with embedded images or combined text and HTML messages using built-in WYSIWYG HTML message editor.
Import messages from Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat!, FastTrackMail
 It has a built in auto-reply function.  You simply set up a rule set and if an incoming mail meets it, Mail Commander automatically replies. You can also set up rules to file and filter both incoming and outgoing mail - and to block out the irritation of spam.

Mail Commander is like a virtual secretary - but one that never sleeps. it saves you time because it takes care of repetitive tasks automatically. What's more, Mail Commander can process data from website forms, allowing you to easily build and manage mailing lists and process client and customer information.

This makes the program a must have if you are involved in business and marketing. But it's also a powerful tool for personal mail, especially if you have a large group of contacts.

Get on first name terms

Its most powerful feature is the ability to personalize the mail you send to people on your mailing lists (which can be built using the 60-plus fields in the address book). You can write to a large list, but address everyone on it personally by their first name or full name. The messages you send can include even more targeted information, such as birthday, city, or company name - or literally any information that has been collected in your address book.

In other words, you can broadcast one e-mail message to a thousand people and personalize it along the following lines:
Dear Dave,
How's the weather in Houston today? I hope it's good because I know your birthday is coming up on March 15th ... (and so on).
Best wishes,
(Your name).

People living in London or Sydney will be asked how the weather is in their cities. And the date of the birthday and first name will match too. It's basically mail merge for e-mail.

Increased sales

Both direct mail marketers and Internet marketers have long found that personalized messages to prospects and existing customers increases sales by a marked degree. What's more, a survey conducted by ClickZ.com found that 50% of people surveyed said they would appreciate receiving a personalized e-mail letter or ezine with only product information that matches their profile. This is easy to do with Mail Commander.

Click here  to download a trial version of Mail Commander now. Or read on for a more detailed account of what the program can do for you...

Powerful filters

Mail Commander has extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming mail and requests. You can set up auto-replies to incoming mail using pre-set templates. Plus you can set up the program to automatically process newsletter subscriptions and requests to be removed from your mailing lists.

Mail Commander is sophisticated, but it's also very simple to use and you can easily customize the interface and layout to fit your messaging needs.


Mail Commander has anti-spam filters, which automatically delete unwanted electronic messages from the server. Even if your SMTP server already has filtering and anti-spam protection capability, Mail Commander acts as an additional weapon to zap undesirable messages before they get to your local computer.

The program automatically sorts incoming messages based on the criteria set by you. For example, you can have messages automatically placed in folders or mailboxes to be viewed at a later time. Advanced filters can be applied to any field of a message header or in the body of messages.

Personalized messages

Mail Commander lets you send personalized mail to large groups of recipients as easily as to a single address. Every time you receive a request to subscribe to your e-mail or online newsletter, the software will add the person's e-mail address and name to the address book. It can also collect many other fields such company name, birthday, and the product a person is interested in and any comments they might have. You can use the information collected by Mail Commander to personalize the messages you broadcast to your customer, prospect, or newsletter mailing lists.

The address book has over 60 fields you can use to collect and store information. The address book fields can be used for advanced information searches and complex filtering operations. For example, it's easy to identify people who have their birthdays on a given date. So the messages you send can contain targeted information like "Dear John Smith, congratulations on your birthday."

Unlimited address books

You can set up an unlimited number of address books, which are all stored in separate files. The software's address book data base is maintained in .dbf format so it is easily recognized and used by other applications, such as MS Excel.

Plus you can connect to your corporate database with the electronic mail exchange system. Thus if you already have your address book data in MS Excel format you can store the data as a text delimited file or in .dbf format and then import it into any Mail Commander address book. The software has an overlapping e-mail delete function.

The program also has a deletion list database of words and addresses of users who should not be sent mail, even if they subscribe to your newsletter.

Unlimited e-mail accounts

What's more, you can have as many POP3 e-mail accounts as you like with Mail Commander. If you have several external mailboxes at different ISPs you won't need to enter a new password and adjust the settings every time. All you do is choose the connection profile through which you want to exchange messages. You can also create different mailboxes for different messages within the program.

Other options include: Support of attachments, plain text and graphic html messages, message sorting by date, subject, address and other fields, message searches based on key words, and much more.

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